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​Our Design Process Is Simple Yet Detailed

  • Initial Consultation and Briefing: This is the stage where you discuss your needs, desires, and budget with the architect or designer. It sets the tone for the entire project.

  • Site Analysis: This involves assessing the building site for its potential, challenges, and any regulatory constraints.

  • Conceptual Design: At this stage, the architect or designer creates preliminary sketches and concepts based on your requirements and the site analysis.

  • Design Development: Here, the initial concepts are refined and developed into more detailed plans. This stage often involves back-and-forth discussions to finalize the design.

  • Planning and Zoning Compliance: Ensuring the design complies with local planning and zoning regulations. This may involve submitting plans to local authorities for approval.

  • Detailed Drawings and Specifications: Producing detailed drawings and specifications that will guide the construction process. These include structural, electrical, plumbing, and finishing details.

  • Construction Documentation: Preparing a set of documents that will be used for construction. This includes detailed drawings, specifications, and other necessary documentation.

  • Bidding and Contractor Selection: If the project is being bid out to contractors, this stage involves obtaining and evaluating bids before selecting a contractor.

  • Construction Administration: The designer or architect oversees the construction to ensure that the building is being built according to the plans and specifications.

  • Interior Design and Finishing: This stage involves selecting interior finishes, fixtures, and furnishings. It's where the house truly starts to reflect your personal style.

  • Final Walkthrough and Handover: This is the final inspection of the construction. Any issues are identified and corrected before the final handover of the home.

  • Post-Construction Support: Some designers and architects offer support after construction, helping to resolve any issues that might arise and ensuring a smooth transition into your new home.

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