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Landscape Design & Build

Transforming Spaces, Crafting Paradises 


In California, outdoor living space is as variable as indoor living space. Every plot of land holds the potential to be a work of art. With our exceptional landscape design services, your outdoor space will be no exception.

Working out of our Mountain View studios, our talented design team will work in person one on one basis with you to bring your ideas to reality.

We have specialist designer in Zen Gardens, Japanese Gardens, Contemporary Gardens, English Gardens and more.

Every Element Is Carefully Designed & Considered

Backyards cannot be boring, they have to have various elements that is uniquely you and also adds functional value to your backyard such as

  • Pergola

  • BBQ Kitchen 

  • Water Features

  • Fire-pit or Fireplace 

  • Sculptures 

Planting , Property Lighting & More 

There is an art in designing backyards. It is personal, it involves not only discussion with the client and understanding what they want but also figuring out what plants are suitable for the design.


No design is ever completed unless you have property night time low voltage lighting  

Free OnSite Landscape Design Consultation

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